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The UH Health | Family Care Center (FCC) resides on the University of Houston’s main campus and is operated by the Fertitta Family College of Medicine, with the primary mission to increase access for communities in need to high quality, evidence-based primary and behavioral health care. This will not only be in the form of our medical school graduates but by directly and immediately serving our community with clinical care that impacts the physical and mental health of its constituents. Our new FCC has adopted a development plan to achieve a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center (FQHC) designation within the next two years, further demonstrating our commitment to these underserved communities. Located in the Third Ward, the Fertitta Family College of Medicine has a strong social mission to prepare the next generation of medical and behavioral health providers to care for underserved populations compassionately and effectively. The Fertitta College of Medicine is three years old and in the early stages of its clinical and community enterprises. However, our FCC clinicians are already credentialed with health insurance plans and actively providing services that include psychology, psychiatry, family medicine, pediatrics, and OB/GYN. Very unique to a college of medicine is our Household Centered Care (HCC) program. This interprofessional experience is a core part of the college’s curriculum, coordinating students from medicine, social work, and nursing to visit families’ homes four times each year, accompanied by College of Medicine faculty and coordinated by our community health workers (CHWs).

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